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Visualize Your Future Self

“Imagining your future lifestyle can help too, says Virgil Wong, cofounder and CEO of Medical Avatar, a health transformation company that helps people see, via 3-D images, the potentially big results of small daily decisions. ‘Try visualizing—with sketches, apps, photo collages, or written notes—a realistic happier and healthier version of yourself,’ he suggests. ‘What choices […]

Introducing The Medical Avatar

This video introduces Medical Avatar LLC, a company I cofounded with Akshay Kapur in 2011. The technology was created from work I developed over the past 20 years as an artist, researcher, media instructor, and hospital web/multimedia division head.

Virgil’s TED Talk: The Medical Avatar

This is the talk I gave at a TED Full Spectrum event in 2011. You can read my short interview on the TED blog here that I gave with fellow TED Full Spectrum Speaker Onyx Ashanti.

At a Clinic, Artists Reflecting on Home

“Some artists more directly addressed the building’s history [as a clinical space]. Virgil Wong, whose work often deals with medicine and technology, installed realistic hospital posters and informational kiosks in the lobby. They promote a fictitious medical center — its Web site, rythospital.com, is disarmingly authentic — that specializes in male pregnancy (malepregnancy.com).”

Art in America: The Real (Art) World

“Artstar” is a documentary-style reality show about the New York art world and its perennial search for a new phenom … Produced by Abby Terkuhle of Aboriginal Entertainment, (the show) premieres on June1 (2006) at 9pm EDT onGalleryHD, a visual arts channel available nationwide on Dish Network. Read full article (PDF)