Virgil Wong, cofounder and CEO of Medical Avatar

“Imagining your future lifestyle can help too, says Virgil Wong, cofounder and CEO of Medical Avatar, a health transformation company that helps people see, via 3-D images, the potentially big results of small daily decisions. ‘Try visualizing—with sketches, apps, photo collages, or written notes—a realistic happier and healthier version of yourself,’ he suggests. ‘What choices does this future person make in terms of nutrition, fitness, sleep, and managing stress? What’s one simple change you can make right now that moves you toward this version of yourself?'”

Introducing The Medical Avatar

This video introduces Medical Avatar LLC, a company I cofounded with Akshay Kapur in 2011. The technology was created from work I developed over the past 20 years as an artist, researcher, media instructor, and hospital web/multimedia division head.